Thursday, September 1, 2011

Docs New Banjo!

A few weeks ago, Doc Hamilton told us about this old Fairbanks banjo he found on ebay. He was so excited, he hung out most of the day to talk about it! (Not that we mind. Doc is awesome!) Well, it finally came in, and he was sweet enough to bring it by. It's a 1900 Fairbanks "electric" (named for the "electric" model tone ring. It's not actually electric :) with all original parts but for the head and strings, which he changed out for Aquilla Nylgut Classical Banjo strings. It has the original ivoroid tuners and a really impressive bone tailpiece. It's one of the nicest sounding banjos we've heard! I asked Doc what he loved it more than, and he said "Ha! I love it more than a hog loves slop!" 

Here's Doc playing Last Chance on his "new" Fairbanks

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