Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Breedloves Looking for a Good Home!

Breedlove makes an incredible guitar!  Breedlove was one of the first brands I started carrying when I opened my shop 5 years ago.  Their guitars are truly some of the best instruments being made in America these days.  
     HOWEVER, Breedloves are tough to sell to the traditional crowd.  They are now featured maybe a little too prominently in a well known "big box" chain store and that seems to have diminished their brand reputation, at least among the traditional crowd.  Breedlove has had a hard time establishing themselves in the bluegrass genre and that's a shame because these Breedloves totally "spank" some of the brands that bluegrass/Americana/country players tend to go for.

   SO, WE'RE TRYING TO FIND GOOD HOMES FOR OUR REMAINING BREEDLOVES.  These are new instruments, they've just been hanging around a while.  Also they have just been recently adjusted and set up by our luthier and are in top condition.  We have an OM, three dreadnoughts, a funky jumbo model, and an awesome mandolin.  Check our website or call because we're selling them dirt cheap!

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