Sunday, November 6, 2011

Irish Tune Teaching Session

For some time now we have been having Irish tune teaching sessions on the first Sunday night of each month.  They have been going great and people seem to be enjoying them.  In an attempt to make them even better we are changing the format slightly.  We will now be making our way through the "Tunes for the T.I.M.E.S." Cd's, starting with volume 1.  These CDs were created by the Traditional Irish Music Education Society as a teaching tool to be used at the O'Flaherty's Irish Music Retreat, which everyone knows I'm a big fan of! (You can check out the TIMES website at if you want more info)

Anyway, I have about 30 of these CDs to hand out for free at our sessions and then every month we will go over the next three tunes on the CD.  The CDs present each tune at full speed and at a slow speed and they are great for learning tunes!  The schedule of what tunes will be covered when check the Fiddler's Green website under the "Irish sessions" tab.  I'm hoping that if people have a good learning source to take home with them that they will "do their homework" and really start building up their tune list.

The whole point of these sessions is for people to get together and have fun learning tunes in common.  We're using the TIMES cds because they seem to be the unofficial tune list for central Texas.  Hopefully, when all the central Texas folks get together for a session at the Austin Celtic Festival (ACF) or the North Texas Irish Festival (NTIF) or Tour and Candy's room at O'Flaherty's we will all know more tunes in common.

So if you've never been to our sessions please come!  The more the merrier!  Hopefully, we can build up the Austin Irish Trad scene and show those Dallas folks who's boss!