Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pickin' in the Park October 9th

We will be doing the 3rd annual Pickin' in the Park on October 9th but it's in a slightly different place than last year.  It'll be at the Rock Garden site in Zilker Park, pretty much right across from the Polo Tables, where we had it last year.  We'll post more info later but mark your calendars.  Hopefully the weather will be cooler by then!

We hired a new guy!

So, this guy comes in and asks me and Ben all about becoming a luthier and was dropping names like Tom Ellis or Bill Collings or Stephan Passernig.  He's really excited about instruments and seemed to be a good guy, so Ben ran out in the parking lot as he was leaving and we offered him a job. His name is Hunter and he'll come in a couple days a week and tune up instruments, change strings, and just help out in general.  We're glad to have him join us at Fiddler's Green.  Y'all be nice to him!

The Austin String Band Festival Oct. 14-16

This year's festival should be a great one!  Scheduled to appear are Rick Hartness &Pickled Beats, Cajun Country Revival, Foghorn Trio, Tracy Schwarz & Ginny Hawker, Steve James, The Carper Family, Brian Marshall, The Lost Pines, Double Eagle String Band, and Rains & Keane. Get more info at

Our New Blog!!

As our latest in a series of brilliant ideas, we have decided to start this web page so that we can comment on all the random things we come across at the shop that don’t really fit into any of our regular website categories.  We might discuss new instruments, concert reviews, events, promotions, stuff around town, weird stuff, bad puns, and really just about anything that comes across our music obsessed minds.  
We apologize in advance!